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Establised in the year 1993, GalaxKind Bio India Private Limited 403/11/1112 Vapi Valsad Gujarat-396195.

This plant is equipped for the formulation of Liquid oral, dry syrup, Tablets and Capsules beta lactum & non Beta lactum section. Galaxkind Bio Pvt Ltd India, all the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Activities are carried out as per Schedule –M of the Indian Drugs & Cosmetics Act. The day to day licensing and regulatory activities are controlled by Drugs & Licensing Authority, Drug Controller, Vapi Valsad Gujarat.

Galaxkind Bio Pvt Ltd India is situated on the outskirts of Vapi Valsad Gujarat and commissioned for commercial production from 1993. It is located in a green belt and clean area away from polluting industries. The surrounding atmosphere is free from dust & smoke. The in-house utility facilities are operated & maintained by in-house engineering / utility staff.


Galaxkind Bio Pvt Ltd India operates pharmaceutical manufacturing under the control of a Quality Management System as per guidelines stated in the Company Quality Policy & Quality Manual.

The purpose of the Quality Policy is to ensure compliance of Quality systems and procedures so that the end product meets all the required specifications ensuring the quality, purity, efficacy and safety of the products.

The Quality Assurance Department is independent from manufacturing & authorized to take appropriate decisions on quality matters of Raw materials/ Packing materials/ finished products or any other issues related to quality.